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15 Minute Strategic Schedule 
for Remote Leaders

Weekly Scheduling System to Prevent Burnout, Improve Productivity & Enjoy Life

If you are leading a remote team or company, you've likely been challenged with burnout
at some point - maybe even right now. 


Any of these sound familiar?

  • feel endlessly tired, frustrated and/or overwhelmed

  • constantly managing high levels of stress and anxiety 

  • can’t relax or seem to turn off your brain (especially after work)

  • never enough time for what needs to get done, let alone what you want to get done

I struggled with burnout most of my career and understand first hand the negative impact it
can have on your health, happiness and performance. 


Several years ago I set out on a journey to figure out a better way to beat burnout. In this
newly released mini-course I share what I created: A simple 15 min weekly scheduling system
that helps you prevent burnout, improve productivity & enjoy life. 🚀 🙂

The course is broken down into fast, focused modules that take you through the 
step-by-step process including how to:


  • avoid the 3 biggest burnout mistakes most remote leaders make

  • design a personalized schedule that actually works for remote leaders

  • easily "rebalance" your schedule in minutes to adjust to weekly changes & priorities

  • better protect your time & take back up to 10 hours in a single week 

  • Find your focus, energy and excitement again

  • Plus free templates, tools and even a couple bonus trainings

If you are ready to finally beat burnout for good, give me an hour and I’ll show you how

(and give you all the tools to do it). Grab it for a limited time for $27. If it doesn't work for you,

I'll refund your money no questions asked

Let’s go from burnout to your best year ever, together. 

Step-by-step 15 min modules

Create a personalized schedule in minutes

Free Templates & Downloads

Bonus Masterclass Training

Email & Chat Support

100% Money Back Guarantee

New Years Special

1 Hour Mini Course

Limited Time Offer  |  Reg. $197

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