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How Embracing Change Can Help Your Strategy & Stress

Updated: Jan 8


The Fall season in Northern California is finishing amidst a bloom of bright colors. It’s truly a beautiful time of year full of change - the trees, the sun, the weather, and even the time. For a great deal of my life, this change passed me by - I missed not just the beauty of it, but the message along with it.

Embracing this change, heck - immersing yourself in it, can help your strategy and stress, too. Here's how.

During Fall, I plan a bunch of hikes. You could call me a bit of a nature nerd. (if you ever need any tips - let me know). I love these hikes because the changing seasons provide a glimpse for just a few select weeks to see something you otherwise would never experience. The vibrant colors change everything you see. The entire experience on a trail that you may know like the back of your hand can completely transform in a matter of days to reveal something new and special - if you are looking for it.

So while I now relish this change, I’ve noticed some things stay the same too. It’s the same trees, rocks, root systems and trails. Every year the leaves fall to the ground and the trees go dormant only to grow back stronger in the Spring. I guess you could say that change makes things stronger.

Navigating Personal & Professional Change

We’re all on a hike right now of our own personally and professionally. You may be hiking a trail you know all too well. Maybe you are on your favorite trail, or maybe this year you chose to try a new, hard climb to a view you’ve only seen pictures of.

Whatever hike you find yourself on, it’s full of change.

  • New people

  • New processes

  • New challenges

  • New ideas

  • New opportunities

That’s a lot of change. For some that change is exhilarating and refreshing, but for many that change can be challenging. It can be stressful and make us anxious or even discouraged. It's hard, and sometimes it just plain sucks.

Change is kind of all those things, but…that doesn’t make change bad.

Change is kind of all those things, but…that doesn’t make change bad.

Benefits of Embracing Change

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable as they say, is where we grow. It’s the stories about the hard things that we remember, and tell. Think back to a time where you took on something new, hard that was rooted in change. What did it feel like to come through the other side?

me with my daughter

You may have even forgotten it was hard in the first place!

You can do hard things and there’s nothing more rewarding.

And as you take on this change, embrace it and even immerse yourself in it, remember that there’s certain fundamental things that don’t change.

  • Your why

  • Your values

  • Your commitment

  • Your ability

When you start to look at change as part of the hike, part of your journey - personally or professionally, it can help clarify the path. Your strategy becomes more clear (or at least the next step) and the stress starts to lift. You start to notice the colors, the cooler weather and appreciate the natural and frankly amazing cycle of life around you.

You can do hard things and there’s nothing more rewarding.

I don’t know what kind of change you are facing on your hike, but there’s a chance right now to see something special because of the change in the air.

  • if you wait, you might miss it

  • if you are unsure - just ask

  • if you need some help - that’s OK

  • if you want to run ahead - good for you!

I’d encourage you to embrace the change ahead, see it for what it is and what it can open up for you. Oh and if you take some great pics along the way, please share. Enjoy the hike!


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