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Trusting the Process - Lessons from Pirates & Halloween Decorating

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

"Trust the process, dad." Those were the wise words shared with me from my 12 year old daughter as we took on our annual Halloween decoration project this past weekend.

Why did she have to give dad a little encouragement? Good question.

Halloween Decorating
Halloween Decorating

A Shift from Tradition

You see, over the last decade, we've become accustomed to transforming our front yard into a spooky pirate scene for Halloween (we’re often referred to in the neighborhood as “the pirate house”). This year we had our sights on a larger, more ambitious display than ever before, but it felt a little different for a few reasons:

  1. Design Changes: We decided to change the entire design concept from previous years.

  2. New Additions and Farewells: Some new props had joined our collection, while we had to bid farewell to some old favorites.

  3. Altered Space: The layout of the space we were working in had changed, as we had removed a large tree that had been a central feature in our previous decorations.

All these changes left us feeling a bit disoriented initially. We were, in a way, "off our game," and doubts crept in. Would our new approach work? Could we recreate the same magic without the familiar elements we'd relied on in the past?

It was in this moment of uncertainty that my daughter, standing amidst the pirate paradise with a skeleton in one hand and a tombstone in the other, uttered those reassuring words: "Dad, you just have to trust the process!"

She was absolutely right.

Halloween Skeleton
Halloween Skeleton

Life Lessons from a Pirate Scene

Her advice applies not only to Halloween decorations but to life itself. Whether you're embarking on new goals, leading a new team, or implementing a new strategy, you must trust the process.

Maybe you are on a journey to wellness through health, fitness, and better work-life balance - you have to trust the process.

You might be in the midst of a big push to hit year end personal or business goals - you have to trust the process.

Or perhaps you’ve made a big change personally or professionally that has you way out of your comfort zone. Yep, you have to trust the process.

The Magic of TrustING THE PROCESS

Change, growth, and progress often require us to step into unfamiliar territory, where the path may seem uncertain, and the final outcome isn't always crystal clear. Yet, that uncertainty shouldn't deter you from taking the first step, trying something new, or giving change a chance.

Halloween House
Halloween House

Sometimes, as we strive to build something new, bigger, and better, it's bound to feel different. That's part of the process. What's important is to have faith, sometimes without the proof or evidence to support it, that the process will lead you to where you want to go. And often you’ll find that along the way, you’re making more progress than you realize, even when it doesn't feel that way.

And then, the magic happens. Just like when we step back, flip the switch, and our Halloween pirates come to life. The result is often more spectacular than we could have imagined at the outset.

So, enjoy the process. Embrace the uncertainties. And when you turn on the lights and see the result of your efforts, you'll realize that trusting the process was the key to success all along.


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