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Goal Setting: The Importance of Getting Input From Your Inspiration

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Goal setting
Goal setting

This is a great time of year to revisit your goals. And part of the process usually involves clarifying your "why", and what drives and inspires you. Understanding your primary motivation for achieving your goals is one of the keys to getting there.

But, have you stopped to ask those that you are doing this for?

If your driver for success is your spouse, family, or loved ones, it's worth spending a little bit of time getting their input. They are, after all, the inspiration behind your big goals! And by input, I don't mean reviewing goals you've already set (more on that later), I mean talking about what goals to set and why.

Make sure you have alignment, buy-in, and support. Make sure you are setting the right goals for the right reasons that result in the right outcomes. You might be surprised by what you think you need to do versus what those you are working so hard for really want.

But you won't know until you ask.


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