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The question entrepreneurs should be asking this year

Updated: Oct 17, 2023


What if...

As we all think about the coming year and its possibilities, what if we thought about it differently this time?

Yesterday was a great example of this for me. It was New Year's Day and a huge storm had hit Tahoe the prior day leaving more than 3 feet of fresh powder begging to be ridden. Add to that the first day of sun that snuck in between yet another 2 weeks of storms to come.

It was too good to be true. As I thought about heading up the mountain I immediately started thinking about all the things that could go wrong: too much traffic, chain controls, too crowded, too cold, nobody wants to go, having to get up early on New Year’s morning, lifts shut down, no parking, etc, etc.

But then I thought, what if…

What if the weather was blue sky, I got there before the crowds, the roads were clear and I had an epic day. Or what if it was busy and hard, but still an awesome day of riding - that still would be worth it? Plus I could finish that book on Audible on my long drive home.

Well, it turns out not only was it an epic day of fresh powder - but there were no lines, no traffic, no chain controls - nothing. I parked in the first row and was first in line for the first chair of the year. I literally didn’t stand in line a single time for a lift. I can’t ever remember doing that, let alone on a day with perfect conditions let alone a holiday! So, I rode as long as I could stand and it was awesome.

So what if we applied this to how we approach the new year? Instead of thinking about how hard it would be to make a change or improvement, work through the challenges, or take a chance - what if…it worked?

- What if the change you want to make actually works?

- What if it’s not as hard as you think?

- What if it can happen faster and easier?

- What if the improvements you implement in your business generate the results you think are possible?

- What if the challenges are not only able to be overcome, but create new and bigger opportunities?

- What if you can do this?

- What if you deserve this?

How would that make you feel? What would it do for you and those around you?

It’s simply changing the question to start changing the results. Too often I’ve set big goals but built equally big boundaries around them. I made the task harder than it needed to be both mentally and physically.

My wish for you this new year is that you think about what you want in a new way. Let’s change the question we’re asking ourselves and change our outcomes. What if?.........

Entrepreneurs here’s to a great year ahead!


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